Track&Trace is an interactive drawing bot that visualizes spatial relations between people moving through urban public space. The drawing bot responds to people’s presence by following them around through space carrying a piece of sidewalk chalk. Aiming for active engagement Track&Trace provokes pedestrians to interact and perform in public space.

Our frequent use of mobile technologies is altering the way we use and experience urban public space. Apart from creating an attractive visualization, the lines created by the drawing bot aim to create awareness, not only about the presence of others, but also the temporal presence of others, the usage of space and the presence of tracking systems such as CCTV cameras, providing new ways of thinking about movement in hybrid urban public space. Awareness about the temporal presence of others and the usage of space might alter pedestrians’ desired direction similar to the phenomena of walking through fresh snow – to go where no one has gone before - potentially revitalizing space that is mainly used as passageway.


by Mr. Kokosavros, Carolien Teunisse & Sabrina Verhage

ManiLocus serves as a laboratory for explorations within the concept of manipulation and (self)control. Visitors are invited to experience the two sides of manipulation consciously in an interactive and engaging way.

The installation literally has two sides, on the one side the user experiences manipulating using the Leap motion, a sensor that supports hand and finger motion as input. On the other side the user experiences manipulation through the Kinect, a depth sensing camera in combination with the Oculus Rift, a head mounted virtual reality display. On the one side is the manipulator who like a puppet master takes control over a virtual puppet, on the other side is the manipulated who enters a virtual world and experiences the effects of manipulation on his virtual avatar.

Creative Coding Amsterdam

Creative Coding Amsterdam

Creative Coding Amsterdam is a community of people interested in all creative aspects of computer programming. It is a place to meet for beginners as well as advanced users, for professionals as well as people coding just for fun. We organize informal events where you can meet up with other creative coding enthusiasts, show your work, learn about their work and create new work together on the fly. Our website collects resources that help you learn the basics of creative coding, as well as inspiring work and events to continue your journey.

Hack the Art World

Untitled - by Sabrina Verhage

"There is no such thing as DevArt,

there is only art." - a virtual exhibition at the Barbican Centre, 3 July 2014 — 14 September 2014

A Pixel Or Digit? - Turf Projects; Croyden School of Art, Parfitt Gallery 8 - 22 January 2015


by Daan Krijnen, Carolien Teunisse & Sabrina Verhage

Experience space-time like never before! With our Spacelapse installation you will be pulled out of reality to experience the fourth dimension in a different way. With the use of a stereoscopic head mounted display you can experience the space around you as if it is real, with one significant difference, the ability to control the passing of time! Although we are all familiar with scrolling through time in our daily media use, we were curious to know how it would feel like to scroll through actual time. This of course is not possible, but it can be done in virtual reality, better yet, a virtual representation of the actual space the user of our installation is in. Spacelapse shifts the user’s awareness from the here and now, to the here and then and challenges concepts of reality.

Interactive Experiments in Public Space

The first interactive experiment was placed in a shop window in Bergen, Norway. The aim of the experiment was to try to catch people's attention, see if I could persuade them into interacting instead of just passing by.

This Website

My personal website made with html, jquery and p5.js*.

* "p5.js is a JavaScript library that starts with the original goal of Processing, to make coding accessible for artists, designers, educators, and beginners, and reinterprets this for today's web."

Kuda: The Tubing Project

Kuda: The Tubing Project is an immersive interactive environment that engages, challenges and connects visitors while exploring ubiquitous computing and interaction.

Kuda consists of over a kilometer of clear tubing through which colorful liquids flow.

On the sides of the installation glowing orbs react to changes in capacity; by touching or closely hovering over the orbs users allow colored liquid patterns to flow through the environment for an extended period of time until they fade and return to the reservoir they came from. The resulting unique dynamic environment gives a new definition to space by its interactive relation with the users.

Check the website

Interactive Environments Minor @ Delft University of Technology

TouchSpace for TEDxDelft

TouchSpace is an installation that gives a new definition to furniture by its interactive relation with the users. It is not only an 'object', it also provides a spatial qualification by its user-changeable soundscapes (source HYPERBODY).

By connecting touchpads with each other users create a collaborative soundscape.

Interactive Environments Minor @ Delft University of Technology

Jungle of Jericho

The Jungle of Jericho is a design for an immersive interactive environment to create awareness about water usage. The environment consists of branches inspired by the Rose of Jericho. The branches coil in and out depending on water availability and user presence.

Southern California Institute of Architecture


by Kokosavros, Annika Kuyper & Sabrina Verhage

A LED based Rubik's Cube that can be controlled without physical contact thanks to the use of IR proximity sensors.

Shaping Cyclones

While researching cyclone systems the question arose to what extend a cyclone-based dynamic system can generate form and spatial experience. Interactive Processing Sketches, data visualizations, 3D models and animations elleborate on the possibilities for spatial environments.

Southern California Institute of Architecture

Projection Mapping BkBeats 2010

Projection mapping on triangles for BkBeats 2010.

I am not just an active community member, or an artist, not just a designer nor a technologist. I am just a friendly human being highly fascinated by the influence of modern technology on society and dedicated to create engaging experiences that enable social interaction and change. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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